Welcome to Swansea University Footballing Veterans

The aims of Swansea University Football Veterans are:-

To provide age appropriate football for as many people as is possible. The twin aims are ‘football for all’ and to play at the highest quality of football each individual can manage.

This website is to keep the members of SUV up-to-date as to when they can play football.

It may be useful for any new veteran footballers out there who interested in getting involved. Veterans footballers from 38+ are welcome

We have football during the week, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and at the weekend variously at Penyrheol 3G, Llandarcy 3G and Ashleigh Road University Astros. Everyone plays. Some are selected to play at a more competitive level. A seriously competitive level.

To this end, we welcome any footballer who is approaching (38+) or has passed 40 years. We enter over 40s / over 45s / over 50s over 55s and now over 60s in the Wales Veterans League .

See ‘joining and playing’ tab for contact details.

You can also join the  Swansea University Football Veterans Facebook group

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